Our work covers two main areas:

1) Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering women and girls (UN SDG 5)

Gender Inequality is a global challenge. In terms of the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report 2018 it will take the world 108 years on average to achieve gender equality. For Sub-Saharan Africa it will take 135 years and North Africa 153. Women and Girls are systemically oppressed and their human rights violated on a daily basis. Women Lead Movement believes that the results at macro-level are indicative of a deeper issue at community and family level. We focus on the holistic empowerment of women and girls.

Our Four Core pillars for Empowerment are:

Our programmes not only educate, build capacity and develop skills but  we empower and inspire women and girls at grassroots level to become active agents of change on the frontlines campaigning and raising awareness about Gender Equality and fighting the scourge of Gender Based Violence.

2) Promoting an Active and Participatory Citizenry

Since the dawn of our democracy two essential requirements for the optimal functioning of a new democracy was overlooked namely the need to:

  1. educate citizens about the supremacy of the Constitution and their constitutionally entrenched human rights and reciprocal responsibilities; and
  2. to create platforms and develop effective mechanisms to permit and encourage citizens to engage one another and thereby become embroiled in public participation with respect to all matters, (including but not limited to, legislative and policy reformation), which are specifically prescribed by the Constitution and matters of allocation of socio-economic resources, and basic services, such as housing, education, safety in communities, environmental issues and healthcare, amongst others.

The political and social apathy amongst citizens is a cause for concern and is growing at an alarming rate. This is not only evidenced by the low volume of people voting during elections, but people have generally become disinterested in the day to day occurrences within their communities. Such disinterest, in turn, creates a conducive environment for the commission of crime, gang-related activities and all other forms of lawless conduct.

Most communities have lost their very sense of Ubuntu, and due to the present political climate and poor socio-economic conditions, most members operate in survival mode and have become consumed by self-preservation, even at the expense of their fellow (wo)man. We, however, equally believe that a constitutional democracy cannot claim to be vibrant, impactful, or effective if people who form the core of such a democracy are uninformed and therefore incapable of exercising and enforcing their basic, constitutionally entrenched human rights and reciprocal responsibilities.

WLM is thus of the view that the “right to public participation”, which is implicitly entrenched in the Bill of Rights is not only the key to unlocking South Africa’s untapped potential, the exercise and enforcement thereof is fundamental for the preservation of our Constitutional order.

WLM educates communities on the Constitution, Human Rights, The role and functions of Government in particular local government. They are further empowered through education on Local Government Laws and Policies that  has a direct impact on them and their communities.

WLM mobilises, organises and facilitate dialogues and discussions between community members about the current challenges in communities and developing community actions plans.


Our Activities include:


Capacity Building

Skills Development

Entrepreneurial Training

Public/Motivational Speaking

Advocacy and Campaigning

Legislative Education

Research and Writing

Dialogues (Communities and Schools)