Roshnee Chinapa


Roshnee grew up wanting to become a veterinary however God clearly had other plans for her. After turning 21 and having completed her A+ and MCSE (which was big back in the day) she was afforded the opportunity to job shadow in an advertising agency assisting the head of TV and radio production and that is where she discovered her passion for the advertising world. Fast forward to 2012 when after working in the industry for 13 years covering various roles at some of the best advertising companies in SA such as Lowe Bull Calvert Pace, King James, TBWA, Hippocampus, Forwardslash specialising in Operations, Production, Traffic and Print Management, IT, Art Buying and Online Gaming she saw the demand for value for money advertising and decided to open her own business called Posh Promotions.

Posh Promotions is a through the line advertising agency that specialises in branding, promotional items and sports management. Her main focus was to offer her clients a product or service that was quality, at a decent price point and delivered timeously. Having a more personal approach to doing business with her clients was something that just drove her to want to do more and to the best of her ability.

8 years later and she is still going strong. She is faith driven and knows where her blessings come from. She does volunteer work at children’s homes and animal shelters in her spare time. And the proud mother of three beautiful adopted children. She strives to stay humble and driven by always wanting to serve the underdog both two and four legged. Restoring humanity is what she is most passionate about more so now than ever before. She believes that each person has been given a gift from God and that we should strive to use them and with her, she uses her gift to serve others.

All around you there are people who are hurting, people who need love, people who need encouragement, use the gifts and talents that you have and bless them – The Lord’s Plan

Nicola Cloete


Nicola obtained her national diploma in Human Resource Management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in December 1998. She was employed amongst other by De Beers Consolidated Mines, Shoprite Checkers Head Office, CFaN and Viking Service Station. Nicola is described as a doer, while she tends towards a task-orientated approach, she possesses people-orientated traits as well. Nicola is driven, dedicated and an excellent organizer.

She ventured into entrepreneurship and co-founded her first corporation in 2002. She specializes in human resources management and business development support. She has been working with both private and non-profit companies. She believes in maintaining high standards of professionalism and embraces values of honesty, dedication and dignity.

Nicola is a registered assessor and moderator with the Services Seta. One of her favourite quotes are “The greatest good that you can do for another, is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him, his own” by Benjamin Disreali.

Eemaan Evytte Graham

Secretary General

Eemaan Graham graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2008 obtaining her LL.B degree. A dynamic and focused lawyer, she has advised in matters of contract and property law in the corporate sector until moving to litigation in 2010.

Eemaan embarked on a legal career with a passion for social justice and human rights and has brought these ambitions into all her roles. She has served as a mentor to junior attorneys during her tenure at Legal Aid South Africa and elected as liaison for the Southern Suburbs Attorneys Association while running her own practice. She consults to the Ottery Civic Association engaging in community projects, presently establishing a skills advancement programme for the youth in the area and assisting in legal administrative matters for the local residents.

Eemaan’s focus is in assisting persons or start- up professionals who have not been able to access quality legal representation offering alternative dispute resolution, representation at Court including Superior Court and consulting in risk management and averment.

She has always believed that opportunity and equality mean different things to different people and endeavours to use her experience to give effect to the ideals that underpin our Constitution so that real change can be a real experience for those she works with.